Legal Zoom

Our Review


This site has many satisfied users and a Better Business rating of A+.  In addition it offers excellent customer service and has many endorsements from the legal profession as well as the entertainment industry.

Overall, in our opinion, it’s a good service with the following limitations that you should consider before signing up:

First, it costs $299 to use the service which is higher than many of its competitors.

Second, the service is not available in all 50 states at the time of this writing.

Third, there is a limited window for form editing.   At present, there is a 30 day window allowing you to make changes to the divorce forms you need compared to unlimited editing of the forms at and

Fourth, the processing and turn around for the forms you need takes up to seven business days.  In addition, the forms are delivered by traditional mail which in today’s market is out of date to say the least.  Most of the competitors offer electronic filings and downloads.

Fifth, there is no dedicated case manager assigned to you like at  Although the customer service is good, the ability to email of phone a real person when you are having a problem is not available at present.


This is a solid service with a few reservations.  The price is high compared to or  There is good customer service but no dedicated person as your case manager.  The forms are not delivered electronically however, the legal profession has endorsed the product which is a great testimony to the thoroughness of the product.  If you are interested in an on line divorce this is a good choice but in our opinion not the best