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If you have decided that an on-line divorce is for you, then this service should be looked at.  The service offers you all the tools needed to complete your divorce with a minimum of problems.  Moving around on the site is not as easy as some of its competitors like or, but once you understand the flow, all of the information is available to the user.

The service offers child support and alimony calculators which are beneficial in agreeing on acceptable terms with your spouse.  Often the process of determining dollar amounts for child support and alimony can lead to arguments and animosity amongst the parties.  These tools allow each side to see what is possible and hopefully avoid unpleasant discussions.  These tools appear to be unique to this site however other sites offer like services which are not on the same level as these.  In addition, the site offers advice and plans on co-parenting which helps each party understand what is ahead of them.  Other services offer similar co-parenting planning services. does not offer a personal case manager like which can leave the users feeling frustrated when issues or problems surface.  This is not a referral service but it also lacks the personal touch of some of the competition.  Access to a personal case manager when problems arise is very useful to the parties especially if they are going through the divorce filing process for the first time. did not have any attorney recommendations as of this writing.  Some of the competition like actually show a lawyer on their web site which is helpful to the person deciding on which service to choose.

The cost of can be as high as $229 when they are not offering a discounted price of $149.  The savings on special pricing is considerable however, you may not be able to wait to purchase the service at the lowest price.  This could be a reason to choose another product.

There have been unfavorable reports to the Better Business Bureau however, the company responds to the complaints quickly and tries to resolve all complaints in a timely manner.  Their fast attention to unsatisfied customers is very positive and shows they are committed to customer satisfaction.

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In our opinion this is a good service if you qualify for an on-line divorce.  There is a free process to prequalify you before you purchase the service which is as fast as you are in answering the questions and providing the needed information.  There is no attorney support, there is no dedicated person as your case manager and the site navigation is a bit cumbersome, however, you will be able to complete all the forms needed for an on-line divorce with few problems.  It’s definitely a service to consider.