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Our Review


The service has an excellent on-line reputation in the divorce space.  They have been featured on Good Morning America which we believe is a testimony to the quality of the product and service this company offers to its customers. has been in business for many years and offers on-line divorce services in all 50 United States as well as Canada.  As of this writing, Canadian coverage is a feature unique to them.

If you are not interested in using the services of an attorney, the $299 fee is a great price.  You will save money over an attorney’s fee but there are cheaper alternatives with similar services like and does not offer a dedicated case manager at present.

In our opinion, we rank number three behind and  They have an excellent reputation and have maintained a quality product with excellent customer service for many years.  This service should be considered if on-line divorce is for you.  The price of the product may become an issue as we move forward in time.  There is a new comer to the on-line divorce arena,, offering similar services as with a price of $50 for a DIY divorce and $149 for a case manager assisted option.  Price is becoming a key part of the decision making process when deciding on which service to choose.